Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Message In A Bottle

First off, I couldn't resist snapping this picture of "Baby" in one of her favorite hangouts. Your cats spends a lot of time in the sink, don't they? She has always has this fascination with water. Also, this is a great look at my lovely MAUVE counter tops....ah, someday!!!

Ok, I heard about this cute idea on someone else's blog and had to make one up and then I had to show it to you. For Valentines Day-or anytime, really-a message in a bottle!

Take any old bottle-mine is an old glass catsup bottle, and then any little baubles that you've got hanging around, add a tag, some ribbon or????!! Get creative!! Then slip your message in-or some tickets or pay for his fishing license this year??

A sweet idea, I thought! I've heard Valentine's Day referred to as a "Hallmark" holiday-one that's made up to make money. But ahhhhh! Such lovely sentiment. How can it ever hurt to let others know that we care about them?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Life has been so busy, busy but today, for some reason, I feel like I have some downtime. So what do I do?? Create a blog, of course!! Stocking our pantry can wait, can't it?? And to think, I used to be one of those people that actually enjoyed grocery shopping!! Now I have to force myself out the door at gunpoint.

I spent time late at the store last night removing any evidence that Christmas ever happened. Believe me, when you own a store and start dealing with the holidays the February prior, you are ready for a fresh look come January 1 !! So I fluffed and got out all the "new" old stuff I've been finding, Valentine gifts, cards, etc. Plus, boxes have been arriving with brand new (hurray!!) inventory-a new card line, lamps, potpourri and on & on. Heart topiaries should be showing up next week as well as some new home decor vendors I am trying out. I love fresh inventory as much as you! Stop in good goods when you are in the neighborhood and see what we're up to.

Here is a picture of the Man Tree in our backyard at home. The recent snows gave him an interesting look!

Take Care,