Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello 2012!!!

Resolve to make at least one person happy every day.  And in ten years you may have made three thousand, six hundred and fifty persons happy, or brightened a small town by your contribution to the fund of general enjoyment.                                                                        
    S. Smith

Monday, December 26, 2011

Last Sale of the Year, Etc.....

Our last sale of 2011 starts Monday, December 26!!  This is our biggest!!!  Everything in the shop is at least 20% off with remaining seasonal slashed to 50%!!  Look for the colored tags for discounts up to 75% off!

New Year Hours

Saturday, December 31 ~ 11am to 3pm
Sunday, January 1, 2012 ~ CLOSED
Monday, January 2, 2012 ~ CLOSED
Tuesday, January 3, 2012 ~ CLOSED
 Have a happy and safe New Year.  We'll see you in 2012!!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas countdown...........

I'm not sure that my back room is supposed to look like this with Christmas so close but...well, it did!!  I wanted some really great things for you to choose from, doncha know?

After several long days (and one late night!) all the boxes were emptied and new product is dotting the store.

Faceplant pillowcases-the softest way to sleep.

Love these dish towels from Teresa up in Washington.  Old fashioned fabric--new fangled designs.

 Couldn't resist buying a "portion" of Margaret's Victorian silverplate collection. 
 Some of it has already found new homes.

 Our sweet French Lilac soaps-the perfect stocking stuffer.

 A unique, angled frame. 

Hurray!!  Tokyo Milk perfumes and lotions return to good goods!!

 A fantastic calendar you will have to have..or give!

 We're totally restocked on photos and frames.  These have been a favorite gift to give for 
several years running.

Naturally Idaho joined us for Small Business Saturday a few weeks ago.  Kevin's jams were such a hit we've brought them in for the holidays.  Local fruit, local honey, local business!!

Monday, December 12, starts our "Twelve Days of Christmas" countdown.  On the 12th, Christmas merchandise will be 12% off.  On the 13th, we go to a 13% discount and so on
 until Christmas is finally here!!

We will close early here at good goods on Christmas Eve-probably around 3:00 (unless folks are rushing in for last minute purchases.....unlike some people you've heard about...we won't turn you away!)

Normal hours will resume on December 26 with our Year End Sale!!!
Sure hope we get a little snow before then...........

You all have yourselves the merriest little Christmas ever, ok?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A date which will live in infamy...

I don't remember Pearl Harbor.  I wasn't born yet.  I did hear stories about that day though and I will remember those.

Monday, November 14, 2011

What's in Store for Christmas....

Two days after our Holiday Open House and I'm still recovering!!  We had a fantastic turnout and I need to thank you all for shopping at good goods and keeping it in the community we live in!!

You're going to see lots of pictures from around the shop and for once, I won't do much "talking".  I'm talked out.  Hey, it's the season of miracles.....

Oh what?! You're down here, now??  Sorry, I was napping.
Did you like the slide show and my rendition of Silent Night?

This gives you a pretty good idea of what's in the store although not the entire picture.  For that...well, you'll just have to come visit!!!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Teaser of Things to Come!

Our biggest and bestest event of the year is coming up this weekend.
We'll be closed Thursday, November 10 to get all ready.  The party will start Friday evening at 5:00pm and end Saturday at 5pm!!
Preparing for an open house  can be likened to organizing a closet (a big one), rearranging all your furnishings and hoping seven gifts you need by this weekend arrive from UPS.

Everything has been torn apart here. Cupboards, that held inventory, had to be emptied to be light enough to move to a new location. 

New deliveries waiting in the back room to be unpacked, had to wait even longer.  The furniture had to be in it's permanent place so there would be a place to hide everything until the proper moment!! And that had to happen to create room for delivery of two more pallets of product from Express Trucking.  Weeee!  Logistics!

Needless to say, there were piles everywhere...

But the hand truck and furniture "sliders" have been put away and the piles are getting smaller.  Boxes are making it into recycling and goodies are being tucked away in secret places.

A little of this...

..and that.

Some glitter and..


..and cheer...

..and magic.

Ah, there's the light at the end of the tunnel!  Can you see it??!

Hope you come help us kick off the 2011 holiday season!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Nothing about Halloween scares me as much as having to learn about all the new and soon-to-be-new high tech...everything out there.  In fact-- I have vivid, gorey nightmares about having to, gulp, replace my television.

This was modern when I was growing up, people!  A TV you could carry!!!
Between HDTV, ED, LCD, DLP, Plasma well, I'm lost.  Plasma has something to do with blood, doesn't it?????  Now I see why my dreams are gorey.  oh my.

Television everywhere.

And sharks everywhere, too, it seems.

A remote that will work on hand gestures.  I can only imagine the hand gestures I'd be using with this thing.
And, think about it...our favorite shows are about people digging through filthy barns....looking for old stuff.

I don't have a smartphone or iPhone or whatever they are called.  And I would NEVER put anything named  "Droid" in my pocket.

But what does the future hold?

Yep.  A phone.

Oh. No. Way.

Once they got the cord off, I was good.  And safe.  Any advances in technology should have had something to do with eating pounds of chocolate with no weight gain.

This intense fear all started when my sister sent me this video from Corning Glass.  It did not amaze me.  I did not marvel.  I went back to bed.  I don't want pictures enlarged on my glass kitchen table or all over my glass walls (hmmmm. Will we still have greasy fingers then??)  I want all that computer type stuff contained safely in a little box on my desk.

This is how I don't gain weight!  I'd never be able to work my stove.
(those sly devils, they have been working on that issue!)

It's a gas cooktop, you ninny.  Where have you been??

Don't even ask.........

Oh, please!!  This attached computer lets you choose water temperature, pressure, etc.  Have mercy.

Possible good idea.  A lawn mower curiously like the popular Roomba vacuum.  I would only hope it had an automatice cut off if one of the cats decided to sniff it..

And a waterless washing machine.  We'll be using UV light to clean the Nano titanium dioxide coated clothes we'll be wearing.....(Really.  It's true. I read it online.)

I remember my parents saying "I don't want to know how to use it" about modern inventions.  They stopped after they got a remote for the TV.  A console TV.
(google it if you're too young to remember those!!)

I truly have become my parents, then.  I am officially middle aged.  Progress and innovation is great.  It's neccessary.
I just don't want pictures floating around the air beside me.  I want to read books made of paper.  And, although I love email, once in a while I would love to get a hand written letter.  Scary, huh??