Thursday, April 17, 2008

After tax deadline......

Spring in Idaho means 70 degrees today and snow the next. We aren't waiting for Spring anymore. We're in the thick of it!!! So of course, that means--have a party!! (see how my logic is kicking in here??) Plus (and maybe even a better reason for a celebration) is getting past the 15th of April. Gees!!!

This Saturday, April 19th all day long we'll be serving up mimosas and chocolate. We've gotten in lots of "new" old things, new watches, candles, books, jewelry etc, etc so we want everyone to stop in to ooh and aah. Plus, Judy with Miche bags will be here with the coolest new bags with changeable covers. I love these!! You can go to for a sneak peak but they show better in person. Two enterprising women from Utah came up with the idea and they have only been on the market a short time. Can't believe it took someone so long to think of this!!

I took lots of pictures to post so you could see all the changes in the store but I must have the most unsteady hand with a camera-Yep blurry. Darn. That means you all will have to stop in and see for yourselves!!! There are some familiar faces we've been missing. Hint, hint!
Take care-