Thursday, February 14, 2008

Retail Therapy

We've been hearing from customers lately that they have stopped in the shop because they needed to do something for themselves. Needed fun. Retail therapy. That type of response gives me the most satisfaction in what I do. Choosing a retail store as a treat isn't unusual--but choosing good goods & co --when there are plenty of shops in town--is such a validation.

Speaking of fun, I've added a few pictures from our "Girl's Night Out" this past Friday. What a delightful group of women. They went ga-ga over Debi's "Off the Wall Lettering" which really is "off the wall". Sure she does walls but also art plaques (awesome) and lampshades (way awesome) and...everything! I took home the "dish soap" dispenser that remined me of a Williams Sonoma oil bottle. Thanks Debi!!!

We plan to have another one of these unique events on March 14. Vicki will be bringing in her "Worlds Best Fudge Sauce" for us to sample/make a meal out of it. So chocolate lovers-mark down that date!!!!

With this break in winter weather, I'll finally be able to order in some live plants & topiaries. Halleluiah!! They always add that spring feeling to the shop especially when mixed in with our new merchandise. Look for those next week!
Until then-you all take good care.