Sunday, September 20, 2009

Halloween Sampling

It's more than 24 hours after our Sip & Shop and I'm still pooped!! We had an incredible, enthusiastic stream of Halloween enthusiasts all day long!! Hooray!! Thanks so much to you all for making the day such a success. I was home by six and asleep on the couch in front of a blaring History channel by about 6:45!!!! What an incredible life I lead........

I had to admit that we got several half shipments and orders that had been promised, that still didn't get here for Saturday. Plus, numerous orders that are spread out will be coming in over the next several weeks. SO!!! New merchandise arriving, hopefully, daily!

Here are a few shots from around the shop..unlabeled. I'm not sure I'm making any sense yet!!!
You can click on any of them to enlarge.

I'll post more after I get some good sleep!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sip & Shop

We'll be putting out the champagne and cold sparkling cider for a Fall version of our "Sip & Shop" cocktails on Saturday, September 19. Add some little "nibblies" and lots of new merchandise and it's a sure bet for a good day. The first wave of Halloween will be out and fall touches will be everywhere. These are fun events you don't want to miss!!


This is where we got to spend some time with friends over the long Labor Day weekend. I so needed to get away and this was the perfect spot. Outside of Sumpter, OR, the cabin is located in the "ghost town" of Bourne. No running water, no electricity, no crowds, no noise except for the creek running behind. Ahhhhh.
Can you see the incredible gingerbread on this deserted cabin? (click on the photo to enlarge)

Cracker Creek (Crick!) is right off the deck where more than one hour was spent drinking coffee, etc, etc!

Mr. Good Goods got in some fly fishing time.

..and now for something completely different:

Just in!! These bags contain thirty
inspirational/encouraging/thinking of you cards to tuck in your child's lunch, notebook or pencil bag for them to discover during the school day. Very sweet.

We're slowly bring out the fall colors.

Hope you have the time to stop in soon!!
Take Care-

Thursday, September 3, 2009

And now for a bit of good news

Happy days are here again
The kids are back in school again
Let us sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again!!

Have you noticed this sign in the Eagle Road/Ustick area??? Hallelujah! If you've ever lived in a state that has the Hobby Lobby chain, enough said. For those of you unfamiliar with this craft store-ah you're in for a treat. The Best.

We will be closed on Labor Day, September 7. I am actually going to get to spend a few days at a simple, secluded, primitive cabin near Sumpter, OR. Are you all jealous?? I would be!! Hopefully I'll come back with a few pictures!

Take care,