Monday, October 29, 2012

Such a tease...

Oh my goodness!!  
Only ten days until our "Believe in Magic" Holiday Open House!!

So much to finish up and it's so much fun.
I think we've got a very special treat for you this year!

Here's a tiny peak...

...and this is only a portion of a DROP of the iceberg!!

Friday, November 9,  5-8pm
Saturday, November 10,  11-5pm

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin "Carving"

 Anymore, if you carve a pumpkin like the one pictured below you are considered an old fashioned slacker. Bah! Is that the best you can do?  (frankly, mine usually have the triangle eyes as well....)

 Now, these are the jack-o-lanterns of the 21st century:

 Marvels of the patch, we can barely understand how this is done.

 And although a simplified design, this one would still take me three hours to carve.  No, no, no.  Carving a pumpkin should take a half hour. Tops.

 Ok, we're getting closer to my requirements with this skeleton prison!

 Oh, and I love this fellow but, again....a time vampire and verging on how did they do that?:

 If you have one of these--you can crank out about forty pumpkins in an hour.

  And if you have one of these and don't know how to use it--shame, shame on you,
 you completely anti feminist boogie. 
This knowledge will set you free. Promise.

You open up your pumpkin from the bottom because most the guts come out a lot easier that way.  Gutting a pumpkin is the worse part, don't you agree?

Then start drillin'!

 Go random or spirals-more and more and more!

 Polka dots, words, designs. Then shove some Christmas lights up inside.  No fire, no sharp knives!

And although I'm partial to this drilled pumpkins (painted white 'cause I'm not paying that much for those Luna punkins) would look every bit as wonderful.

Have fun!