Monday, October 24, 2011


Nothing about Halloween scares me as much as having to learn about all the new and soon-to-be-new high tech...everything out there.  In fact-- I have vivid, gorey nightmares about having to, gulp, replace my television.

This was modern when I was growing up, people!  A TV you could carry!!!
Between HDTV, ED, LCD, DLP, Plasma well, I'm lost.  Plasma has something to do with blood, doesn't it?????  Now I see why my dreams are gorey.  oh my.

Television everywhere.

And sharks everywhere, too, it seems.

A remote that will work on hand gestures.  I can only imagine the hand gestures I'd be using with this thing.
And, think about it...our favorite shows are about people digging through filthy barns....looking for old stuff.

I don't have a smartphone or iPhone or whatever they are called.  And I would NEVER put anything named  "Droid" in my pocket.

But what does the future hold?

Yep.  A phone.

Oh. No. Way.

Once they got the cord off, I was good.  And safe.  Any advances in technology should have had something to do with eating pounds of chocolate with no weight gain.

This intense fear all started when my sister sent me this video from Corning Glass.  It did not amaze me.  I did not marvel.  I went back to bed.  I don't want pictures enlarged on my glass kitchen table or all over my glass walls (hmmmm. Will we still have greasy fingers then??)  I want all that computer type stuff contained safely in a little box on my desk.

This is how I don't gain weight!  I'd never be able to work my stove.
(those sly devils, they have been working on that issue!)

It's a gas cooktop, you ninny.  Where have you been??

Don't even ask.........

Oh, please!!  This attached computer lets you choose water temperature, pressure, etc.  Have mercy.

Possible good idea.  A lawn mower curiously like the popular Roomba vacuum.  I would only hope it had an automatice cut off if one of the cats decided to sniff it..

And a waterless washing machine.  We'll be using UV light to clean the Nano titanium dioxide coated clothes we'll be wearing.....(Really.  It's true. I read it online.)

I remember my parents saying "I don't want to know how to use it" about modern inventions.  They stopped after they got a remote for the TV.  A console TV.
(google it if you're too young to remember those!!)

I truly have become my parents, then.  I am officially middle aged.  Progress and innovation is great.  It's neccessary.
I just don't want pictures floating around the air beside me.  I want to read books made of paper.  And, although I love email, once in a while I would love to get a hand written letter.  Scary, huh??

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Signs of Fall, etc

Bittersweet wreaths, from our vendor in Pennsylvania, will be showing up this week at good goods.  I've been buying from Ellen for about ten years and am never disappointed by the quality of her work.  Nothing is better when decorating for Fall than natural elements and orange bittersweet announces the season's change beautifully.  Inside or out, it's a perfect choice even without added decoration. 

Then for Christmas, we'll be expecting the wild rosehips.  I love these guys.  They are great on a door instead of the expected evergreen but I especially adore then inside.  Several sizes of these coming in so keep an eye out!!