Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy 2009 !!!

We will open the book.

Its pages are blank.

We are going to put words on them ourselves.

The book is called Opportunity

and its first chapter is New Year's Day.

~Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More gift ideas for the totally confused.

Ever notice how this last week before Christmas, we seem to add people to our "to buy for" list?? The neighbor that we don't really know but is always so nice, the Sunday School teacher, the last minute gift exchange w/ our leads group, our Cub Scout leader's wife that did so much extra work & etc!!
(these were just a few that customers told us about and found something perfect!)
If you have found yourself in this predicament-the odds are great that we can help you out. Plus we'll wrap it up for you in one of our cute gift bags, add a bow and there you go. Aren't you efficient??!
Triple milled soaps. You have to use it- so make it beautiful!

...or fun.....magnetic list holders!

Luxurious hand cream-we just got in this nifty purse size tube.

Our popular photoweights are back in. Make it simple with a picture or go wild w/ embellishments.

The whimsical dragonfly magnets. We also have bees and ladybugs.

Bronze leaf tealight holders. These are so pretty.

Of course there is so much more, as you know, that you could also pick yourself up a little something since you've been especially good this year. And you have been~we know. We deal with with you all and couldn't ask for nicer guests.

Take time to breath & enjoy the season.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fourteen Shopping days til Christmas!

This time of the year my life is pretty much all about the store. People that don't normally shop much and all the rest of us that are shopping even more are out and about. We have been having an incredible month and so much has sold, new boxes are coming in and the displays get restocked & refreshed on a daily basis. I feel like I'm either working in the stop or creating signs, jewelry, etc at home. Placing "rush" orders for bags as we've used up more than I had anticipated! Placing reorders for merchandise that flew out the doors.

Surprisingly, I've heard from about 90% of our visitors that they haven't even begun checking off items on their lists!!! (hey, I'm one of them!) So I thought I'd put up a small sampling of gift items we have stocked that might be just perfect!

Bling keychains that say "spoiled" and magnifying glass to wear around your neck.

Books, books, books & several styles of clocks.

Gorgeous soap dishes w/ currant soap-yum!

Beautiful glass magnet sets.


Old silverware pens!

The best gift of all.
I've so enjoyed meeting all the new customers that have found us and I've especially loved seeing faces that I hadn't seen for a while. Your constant compliments are balm to this weary shop owners soul!! I was so flattered by the guest that stopped in the other day in a "Humbug" mood and left, smiling, saying "I knew I'd be inspired if I stopped in here!" It doesn't get any better than that!!
Much love-

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A peek at Christmas 2008

The store is filling up with Christmas and starting to feel festive and cozy. As boxes were unpacked, that had been in storage since July, I saw a more traditional (with a twist!) theme emerging this year. The Thanksging decor mixed well with what was being unpacked.

I must have been looking for a familiar, comforting setting as merchandise was inspected and orders placed. There is no turquoise, lime or hot pink. I know that was in the catalogs but it held no appeal for me. What I chose were the reds and greens, natural elements, some silver, bronze and a touch of sparkle.

It's warm and welcoming. Unique without being outlandish. I like it and hope you do too.

Perhaps, with all the threat of upheaval that has swirled around us for so many months, some of us wanted comfort..and joy.

Hope to see each of you this season,

Monday, November 3, 2008

Calender of Events/Worthy of posting on the 'fridge

November 7 & 8:

A Holiday Affair!

Friday, November 7-We'll be closed during daytime hours to fine tune.

.The festivities will start at 5:00 pm and wind down at 8:00.

Saturday, November 8--A great way to get in the spirit!! 11am to 5pm

November 28

Black Friday

The busiest shopping day of the year! Shop at good goods in "heavenly peace".

December 24

Christmas Eve

Open from 10am to 3pm

December 25

Christmas Day


December 26

After Chrismas/Year End Sale

Our once a year blow out sale!! Everything in the store is marked down!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Holiday Affair

Please join us as we unveil the sparkle of good goods & co at the holidays!
We will be closed during the day on Friday, November 7th to put the finishing touches on our holiday look.
We will then open from 5pm-8pm to show you the transformation.
Enjoy refreshments and the company of kindred spirits.
The festivities will continue all day Saturday, November 8th.
You're sure to find inspiration in our collection for the season!!
Until then--take care-

Monday, October 20, 2008

Please let this gorgeous season last until December 24th....

I wanted to put some quick pictures up if you are looking to bring those beautiful fall colors inside or maybe to get a few ideas for the forgotten holiday-Thanksgiving!!!

Beautiful dyed gourds from Pennsylvania

Sweet wooden acorns

Chocolate turkeys on parade!

A simple autumn vignette
Enjoy this glorious season, and stop in to visit, be recharged or take a mini vacation!!
Take care,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall has fallen and other happenings!!

And all of a sudden Fall is upon us!! Did the change come overnight??? I swear my neighbor's tree was green one day and totally golden the next. I felt like I had been in a closet for a week or something but I was assured by authorities (the teller at the bank, for one) that Yes, it was an overnight occurrence. Now, the store has looked like fall for awhile, but as so much had sold and new has come in that the look is, well, new, again!! Almost like an overnight change-oh this is getting spooky!!

A tree has grown out of our wall w/ adorable gourd pumpkin baskets sprouting on the branches.

Bitty, pine cone candles

A contemporary take on H'ween-black & white

Love these new signs w/ a great old look!

As one of the winners of Best of Boise (third place "Best Local Store"-behind the Coop & Record Exchange!!) I was invited to attend the Boise Weekly's bash at the Knitting Factory downtown. (Actually, I think anyone could have attended but I'm trying to sound extremely snobbish and exclusive!) My husband dragged me there and I did have a good time after all!!

The Weekly staff greeted us at the door and gave us drink tokens, raffle tickets & cool "exclusive" wristbands. They had a great buffet spread for us and since Rick and I were almost the oldest people there we enjoyed people watching...... the dark!

Ah, there is the crowd!

And the stage for live music-yes, that's right, we left before that started!! I wish I'd gotten a few photos of the women's roller derby team. They were promoting heavy and were so friendly andcute...if only I was younger..............................would be fun to go watch them sometime. I heard all the $$ they raise goes to charity. Now that's a sport!
Take care!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Girl's Night Out!!

Girls Night Out !!!!!
Friday, September 26th

All girls need to have fun now and then and what is more fun than shopping while eating tasty foods, sipping wine, and enjoying the company of other wonderful, intelligent women like yourself??! Our sentiments exactly so that is what we're going to do. Plus, we'll have a huge gift basket filled with things you actually want that one lucky guest will win!

Hope to see you all there-you deserve it!!

Take care,


Monday, September 8, 2008

Bubble, bubble, toil & trouble.................

Here is just a small sampling of products filling up the shop. Some tidbits to coax you in. To lure you. It's not dangerous, we promise. Not a bit dangerous................

A corner of the mad scientist's work table.

Not all witches are evil.........

The one time of the year that spiders are fun!

Nothing spooky here. Just us ghouls. Ah, girls.
Best witches,

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Best of Boise Campaign

This is the last week for folks in Boise to vote for their favorite Boise based businesses. Everything from your favorite sushi and steak, women's clothing and hair salon, to best appliance store and BEST LOCAL STORE!!! That's what I'm shooting for because this is just a great, great way to get the word out. A small article that showed up in the Statesman about good goods generated so much business and new customers that THIS---well, would thrill me!! And would take some pressure off until people see that gas prices will go back down, and the economy maybe isn't as dire as the media predicts. Then it all self corrects and whoever wins this election in November will get all the credit!! More power to them-all I want is votes for little ole "Best Local Store" and I'll love you more than chocolate!

We hear so often that good goods is "my favorite store". If it's been awhile since you've been in, maybe you need to stop in again to be reminded of the reason you've thought this. Until then, here are a few possibilities:

The entire package?


Uncommon gifts?



Oh whoops. did that get there?

Fun details?

Home decor?

Unique furniture?

If you are so inclined to humor me and vote this week-print off your ballot. If by some miracle I do win--your ballot is your entrance ticket to the party I would throw to thank everyone!!!! In fact, just plain thank you for supporting me the way you do!!



Monday, August 4, 2008

Summertime Blues....

Ahh, summertime. Lazy days. What's a shopkeeper to do to generate excitement and pull people in to shop? It's not like there is a holiday right around the corner so the motivation level to decorate is low-way low. It's like we are waiting for something to happen. But like the lazy summer--good goods promotes taking it easy and slowing down, make our lives more streamlined and simple. You've felt it when you've been in, haven't you? Felt the blood pressure drop a bit, remembered what it's like to meander ?? If your summer has been less than serene, maybe it's time to stop in, see what's new, take a few deep breaths and stroll...slowly!

Porcelain marbles, (breathe in)

New, one of a kind jewelry (let it out)

Neutral palettes are calming (feel your neck relaxing) ,

Delightful objects to live with (what was the rush?)

Life is good.

We've added these snazzy bags with our logo ($2.95. Free, with a $100 purchase) for you to carry your groceries, your lunch, that craft project, workout clothes. etc, etc. Show them off around town. Each time you show up with your bag thereafter, you'll get 5% off your purchase.
Enjoy the rest of the summer, take it easy, be lazy and come shop!!!!