Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Holiday Affair

Please join us as we unveil the sparkle of good goods & co at the holidays!
We will be closed during the day on Friday, November 7th to put the finishing touches on our holiday look.
We will then open from 5pm-8pm to show you the transformation.
Enjoy refreshments and the company of kindred spirits.
The festivities will continue all day Saturday, November 8th.
You're sure to find inspiration in our collection for the season!!
Until then--take care-

Monday, October 20, 2008

Please let this gorgeous season last until December 24th....

I wanted to put some quick pictures up if you are looking to bring those beautiful fall colors inside or maybe to get a few ideas for the forgotten holiday-Thanksgiving!!!

Beautiful dyed gourds from Pennsylvania

Sweet wooden acorns

Chocolate turkeys on parade!

A simple autumn vignette
Enjoy this glorious season, and stop in to visit, be recharged or take a mini vacation!!
Take care,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall has fallen and other happenings!!

And all of a sudden Fall is upon us!! Did the change come overnight??? I swear my neighbor's tree was green one day and totally golden the next. I felt like I had been in a closet for a week or something but I was assured by authorities (the teller at the bank, for one) that Yes, it was an overnight occurrence. Now, the store has looked like fall for awhile, but as so much had sold and new has come in that the look is, well, new, again!! Almost like an overnight change-oh this is getting spooky!!

A tree has grown out of our wall w/ adorable gourd pumpkin baskets sprouting on the branches.

Bitty, pine cone candles

A contemporary take on H'ween-black & white

Love these new signs w/ a great old look!

As one of the winners of Best of Boise (third place "Best Local Store"-behind the Coop & Record Exchange!!) I was invited to attend the Boise Weekly's bash at the Knitting Factory downtown. (Actually, I think anyone could have attended but I'm trying to sound extremely snobbish and exclusive!) My husband dragged me there and I did have a good time after all!!

The Weekly staff greeted us at the door and gave us drink tokens, raffle tickets & cool "exclusive" wristbands. They had a great buffet spread for us and since Rick and I were almost the oldest people there we enjoyed people watching...... the dark!

Ah, there is the crowd!

And the stage for live music-yes, that's right, we left before that started!! I wish I'd gotten a few photos of the women's roller derby team. They were promoting heavy and were so friendly andcute...if only I was younger..............................would be fun to go watch them sometime. I heard all the $$ they raise goes to charity. Now that's a sport!
Take care!