Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where is summer going???

I'm ready for the heat to subside.
We get it.  It's summer.  Summers are hot.
However, we do have air conditioning at good goods so don't let the heat stop you from getting out.  
 The little independent businesses are talking and everyone has seen a  decrease in traffic with this heat.
Don't fail us now!!!
Maybe something enticing in the following photos will lure you in!
I really, really like this chewed up (literally!) old dough bowl.

 It can hold all kinds of interesting things!
 A new vendor for us.
Vases, little dishes, plaques~all hand formed...

 ...and just sweet!
Pretty in your secret garden!

Ok, yea.  This canvas map is one of my favorite new items.
 Seventy inches wide!
"Come into" good goods!
 Booklet of quotes from our favorite company!

Out of the ordinary enclosure cards.
And our highly intelligent duck wants you to mark your calendars for a most important occasion: