Monday, January 18, 2010

To Market and other news.......

I'm off to Market this week in Seattle to find new products to show you this year. Yes, I will be (and have been!) ordering for the 2010 holidays!!! But that's a long time in the future so you don't have to think about that yet!!!
While I'm gone I decided to run a "while the cat's away the mice will play" sort of special. Many of you have gotten emails about it already. If you purchase one item you will receive 10% off by mentioning you'd like the "Market Special".

If you find two things, you will receive 15% off both of them.

And if you just have to take home three or more treasures we'll deduct 20% off your entire purchase. This special runs for three days only!! Thursday, January 21 through Saturday, January 23.

Remember, you must ask for the "Market Special" since we aren't advertising this to just anyone.

Only you special folks that are on our "Friends of good goods" email list and those that check my blog!!!!

'Cause this is how I feel about all of you!!!
Take care and come visit!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

..and nothing cheers a girl up like shopping!

What does the beginning of the year --the new DECADE--bring to good goods??? New merchandise!!! We love getting boxes everyday from FedEx John and our Brown Santa at UPS. It's exciting all over again!!! Plus, what makes it better is: I'm really looking forward to what is coming in here!

I'm wanting a softer, prettier look this year. After 2009, I need soothing and pampering. Most of you probably know exactly how I feel!! So look for a neutral, soothing palette with a European farmhouse feeling. ahhhhhhhhhh

Since I haven't posted pictures recently I thought I'd put some up to give you some idea of what has come in and some of the "old stuff" I've been saving up. Of course, gifts and decorating for that sweetest holiday takes front stage!

Hope you can stop in soon!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am feeling so sad tonight after the devestation in Haiti. For this to happen in such a poverty ridden country is beyond my comprehension. Why, why why? I just do not understand.