Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun stuff!

Just when I promise myself that I must order sooo carefully because of all the bad economic news we hear about constantly---I find all this adorable new stuff that I just have to get in the store for all of you to see!! Plus, vendors are offering some great incentives to buy (IF you buy lots!!!) but, hey--you can't pass up some of their deals!

Can you see the dragonflies in the above picture? Ah!! Too cute and we've had them in what? Three or four days and I already reordered them. Totally whimsical. The velveteen birds showed up the same day-those are Elaine's new favorites!

Customers ask how often we get in new merchandise so let me take a minute to detail my carefully laid plans. There are no plans. I have a rough budget each month and let me tell you-it gets spent. I place orders almost everyday I am in the store so we expect FedEx and UPS to stop each day. In fact, it's a letdown when they drive on past. That explains why we always hear "You've gotten so much new stuff in!" Because we always ARE getting new merchandise!!

On a personal note: here is a shot of my deck and enormous wisteria this year. My husband trimmed (say removed almost all of it) and I think all the energy went into producing these blooms. They are about 18 inches long. I'm beginning to look like I have very green thumbs!

Events are being planned for the summer months-notably our "Second Anniversary Sale & Celebration" in mid June. I make a big deal out of that one! Please note that we will be closed on Monday, May 26, for the Memorial Day holiday.

Hope each of you can stop in to say hi and take a look around soon. A gal was leaving the shop recently and told me she felt like she had just "taken a mini vacation"!! I about melted!!!

Take Care!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Good goods at good goods

Well the first order of business, of course, is Mothers Day and it's less than a week away. Not to worry: the store is packed, literally, with out of the ordinary gifts any mom would love. A reminder that we have "Wish Lists" so that you can get exactly what you want this year!!!

We got the four big boxes of new topiaries and plants open up, watered and on the floor. They are just beautiful this time. Even the smallest Angel vine plants are massive so the store looks lush and green and "mahvalous".

Then a dealer I love to see show up at the door came by and I couldn't resist buying three truckloads of furniture from him. took hours getting it all in place ( some of it went home for a bit of medical attention) and even then the back room is crammed.

Take a look at this huge piece from an old Nampa hardware store. One hundred and twenty cubbies plus more storage below. Each cubby has a metal slot that will hold a label and, being all real wood, this is going to clean up into a beautiful, unusual statement!!

After the store is redone on such a large scale, I love to take some pictures to entice everyone to come in. I had not been taking good photos my last few tries so I finally managed to hold the camera steady and get some clear shots.

We've been selling wheatgrass packaged by "moi" in little muslin bags. If you've never grown any of this, it really is fun. It's so fast to sprout and will be several inches tall within 10 days so even impatient kids get a kick out of it.

Pea pods, new journals, fun crown hooks, new scents on some spring candles, etc etc. Come see!!!

Take care & enjoy this great spring weather we're having!