Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Best of Boise Campaign

This is the last week for folks in Boise to vote for their favorite Boise based businesses. Everything from your favorite sushi and steak, women's clothing and hair salon, to best appliance store and BEST LOCAL STORE!!! That's what I'm shooting for because this is just a great, great way to get the word out. A small article that showed up in the Statesman about good goods generated so much business and new customers that THIS---well, would thrill me!! And would take some pressure off until people see that gas prices will go back down, and the economy maybe isn't as dire as the media predicts. Then it all self corrects and whoever wins this election in November will get all the credit!! More power to them-all I want is votes for little ole "Best Local Store" and I'll love you more than chocolate!

We hear so often that good goods is "my favorite store". If it's been awhile since you've been in, maybe you need to stop in again to be reminded of the reason you've thought this. Until then, here are a few possibilities:

The entire package?


Uncommon gifts?



Oh whoops. Wait...how did that get there?

Fun details?

Home decor?

Unique furniture?

If you are so inclined to humor me and vote this week-print off your ballot. If by some miracle I do win--your ballot is your entrance ticket to the party I would throw to thank everyone!!!! In fact, just plain thank you for supporting me the way you do!!



Monday, August 4, 2008

Summertime Blues....

Ahh, summertime. Lazy days. What's a shopkeeper to do to generate excitement and pull people in to shop? It's not like there is a holiday right around the corner so the motivation level to decorate is low-way low. It's like we are waiting for something to happen. But like the lazy summer--good goods promotes taking it easy and slowing down, make our lives more streamlined and simple. You've felt it when you've been in, haven't you? Felt the blood pressure drop a bit, remembered what it's like to meander ?? If your summer has been less than serene, maybe it's time to stop in, see what's new, take a few deep breaths and stroll...slowly!

Porcelain marbles, (breathe in)

New, one of a kind jewelry (let it out)

Neutral palettes are calming (feel your neck relaxing) ,

Delightful objects to live with (what was the rush?)

Life is good.

We've added these snazzy bags with our logo ($2.95. Free, with a $100 purchase) for you to carry your groceries, your lunch, that craft project, workout clothes. etc, etc. Show them off around town. Each time you show up with your bag thereafter, you'll get 5% off your purchase.
Enjoy the rest of the summer, take it easy, be lazy and come shop!!!!