Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best of Boise

Voting started recently for the Boise Weekly's annual Best of Boise issue. So, of course, here am I encouraging everyone to go vote and hopefully vote for good goods & co as "Best Gift Shop"!
(yes!! they have finally put in a category where I don't have to compete against the Co-op and Record Exchange who nudged me into third place a few years back!!!)

I admit it looks intimidating (since you have to register) but it's really quite simple and fun. Makes me aware of all the different areas of shopping, dining, cultural and outdoor activities we have to enjoy in this great town.

When it comes to something like this, I have no shame. No pride. A small, independent store like mine can't buy advertising this effective and a small independent store like mine needs it!!!!

Pop on over to the Boise Weekly, look for the Best of Boise logo from the top of this post and vote!!

If good goods wins this year, we'll be havin' a party-I guarantee!!!
Thanks from the campaign trail,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Emilie Sloan Sale......

I met Lisa, creater of Emilie Sloan bags, this past January at Market in Seattle. She was as adorable as her creations! We have sold lots of her line but need to move out some of the summer collection to make room for the new Fall colors.
Hurry in and get 25% off your choice of the entire collection while they last.

Also, thanks to everyone that helped me have just an amazing birthday last weekend. I got cupcakes, flowers, wine and a store full of well wishers. You all made me feel so, so good!!
What big hearts you have!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Zen of Birthdays........

My Aunt Marilee taught me a very important lesson in life. I will share it with you now.

Do not keep your birthday a secret.

And she was right-where is the fun in that??

Which leads to:

Cheri's Birthday Fun!

Which means:

A. Discounts to you on your purchase!

B. Buy one, get one free on new Angel Vine plants!!

On my birthday only!!!!

Saturday, July 17th

I always try to come up with some fun idea that is easy to pull off in the shop so this year I'm tying in my affection for vintage Bingo. Each of the wooden spheres in my Bingo cage will be marked with discounts up to 40% and you get to spin to discover the discount you will get! Plus, one of our bestsellers--sweet Angel Vine plants--will be buy one, get one half off!!

Remember, this is a one day special. Don't blow it!!!
Now, shall we take a look at some other good reasons for birthdays?
(I'm positive my husband is planning to make something similar to one of these for me.........)

The only present I want is a busy day at good goods!!
Eat Cake!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I love old wicker furniture. It's strong, charming, paintable and perfect not only on the porch but...anywhere!!

So when we got in the perfect set (plus extra pieces!!) .......I thought you'd want to know!!!


Stop in to see the rest!!!!!
Take Care,