Monday, December 24, 2012


Wednesday, December 26-Monday, December 31
Those of you that frequent good goods know that we hold only two store wide sales each year.  Our Year End Sale is our biggest and it's fast and furious. (oh well, maybe short and and mildly intense)
Everything on the floor is at least 20% off, with seasonal half off.  Colored tags will mark items that are more steeply discounted. 
 Keep your eyes open for those!
 Take advantage of our discounts if you've had your eye on something--merchandise goes quickly!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

It is the best time of the year...

Especially for the small merchants.  We get to see all the familiar faces and lots and lots of new ones.  Sales are up and the livin' is easy!!...

We beat out the big box stores with great service and unique products.  We care.  We really do!!  We appreciate each and every customer.  We notice if you don't come in for a while.  Macy's doesn't.

Independent merchants have it made as long as we remember why we've got it all over the chains and massive retailers.  We're personal.  Not just personnel.  We're nimble and don't need cumbersome corporate approval.

Of course, it helps to live in a smaller city that is supportive of local business like Boise.  We know each other. We're neighbors.  We run into each other at the grocery store and dry cleaners.

Thank you all for supporting me in doing what I love.

Have the happiest holiday month!