Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My secret garden........

So! I had this great idea for the most amazing blog. I would show you the transformation of my yards "ugly corner" into a cool, refreshing hideaway. Not only would it be fantastic but it would be done with all recycled materials. Minimal cost. Just imagination, several whipped together artsy creations and some work. Not even back breaking work.
Then summer arrived. And it got hot. I don't work in the yard when it gets hot. I forgot that part. So my ugly corner still looks like this:

However, from what I am understanding -- we are supposed to be getting some temperatures in the 80's and now I can get to it. I have an old metal trellis which I am going to smother with broken limbs, branches and vines. I also have found my old brick to lay the patio (after I dig out that grass). My hostas need dividing in the front yard--free plants!!! I'm just certain it will look something like this any day now!!

Hmmm, gotta find that old bench..............

And some deer friends.............

Why is this heading on here???
This is my inspiration photo for my brick design. I bet mine ends up looking even better than this..................

oh. A bridge is nice, isn't it?? I'll just have to extend into the neighbors. They like me. A lot! I'm sure that will be no problem........
So wish me luck and I'll be sure to post "after" pictures.
(Maybe after next summer.....)
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