Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I love getting in new lines............

First off, we've gotten a large shipment of new plants everyone!!! They are big and beautiful, as usual, and I love how they make the shop look. Seems like I had shaky hands while taking this round of photos but this one of the new creeping fig on a rustic trellis was clear and they are adorable. Love them and they aren't finicky plants-just like plenty of bright light, classical music, Ben & Jerrys ice cream and good conversation. Then they'll be happy...........

Look at these great botanicals on canvas that came in just day before yesterday. Love 'em, love 'em. And big: 24" x 32". There are four different choices--this yellow sunflower, pink foxglove, red poppy and purple iris. Definitely one of my new favorites.

Gorgeous, huh?

Now I thought these were cool because I love keys and hooks so the combination of the two was a great idea. Also have some large "keyholes" to hang on the wall that are so unusual and fun.

Some new sets of vintage crocheted pillowcases, ironstone, starfish and an old trophy cup that makes up my favorite corner: all white. I love to mix textures and different shades of one color. Simple on the eyes and brain.

Hope you all are having a great summer but also hope you'll stop in good goods for a mini vacation some afternoon!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday Fun!!!!!

Alright- my birthday is coming up so it's time for:

Cheri's Birthday Fun !!!

What do I want for my birthday? To see familiar faces coming through the shop!!!!! So, I have "hatched" a plan to encourage all of you!

In honor of "moi" and the two Mama Mallards that hatched a total of sixteen adorable babies in the past 6 weeks behind the shop (seriously!! in the bushes surrounding our back parking lot and with no help from those #@!* males, to boot!!!) we will have eggs on hand containing discount coupons.

Stop in, pick out something delightful for yourself, then crack an egg to find out the deduction you will get on your gift to you!

Hope to see bunches of you!!!!
Take Care-
Cheri (the Birthday Girl)