Sunday, January 30, 2011

Girl's Day Out!

Grab Some Friends & Join Us!
Saturday, February 5
11 am to 5 pm

We'll be serving up our almost world renowned libations and treating you to a Zealandia jewelry trunk show.
(plus you can enter to win a piece of this gorgeous line while you are here!)

Our "Flying Wish Papers" will be premiered on that day, also. With a minimum one dollar donation, you will have the chance to have your wishes sent to the heavens! And all these donations go to The Women and Children's Alliance.
Fun and a great cause-does it get any better than that????
Remember, it's always more fun if you are here!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ah, love..............

Finally! For all of you that have been in and seen the mess I've been's the "somewhat" finished product! Get your love on!!

Our delivery guys have been stopping pretty much every day--come in and and enjoy a break!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

At least the sun has been out.........

If this dreary weather has been getting to you like it has me-remember the truth in the above quote. What is that about shopping?!? A customer came in the shop just the other day and let out the biggest sigh as soon as she got in the door. I took it as a giant compliment-she had finally made it to somewhere she could relax--it was the cutest dang thing!
So, do you feel like looking around a little?

Have you been seeing these "bus destination rolls" in all the magazines lately? Love. Them. I first started seeing them over a year ago and I finally figured it out/had the time and made one--just for Boise! $99.

Not your run of the mill jewelry ...

The bamboo rugs in 2 X 3....finally.

Yep--starting on the love theme here.

Due in next week!! These are soooo much fun.

OH! And mark your calenders for Saturday, February 5th.
(note our timing on this one...close, but not too close, to Valentine's!)
More info to follow....
Take care!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"The Color" for 2011

Here's what you all have been waiting for, I'm sure. The 2011 "Color".

Last year turquoise was chosen for us and this year....well, it's about as bubble gum as it can get. The clothes I've seen and accessories-cute!! And I can completely see a touch of this in home decor. (Preferably in the form of fresh flowers!!)

This, of course, would be a woman's sitting room. I can't even picture a man in here!

On the other hand, the pink chair just makes this room.
What do you think?

Will you be seeing this color at good goods? Never say never!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Creative Genius........

Today was dreary. Very. Dreary. Which is always a great day to make something new and generally spew creativeness. Hanging from a tree branch outside my studio window is our fancy, shmancy, copper, solar powered (why?) bird feeder. There was a lot of activity out there today and I decided to get some pictures of the guys that came to visit.

See? They are waiting in line!

Well.......actually I saw a little pecking....

So many would fly up, then away faster than I could shoot..

Hmmmm. Bottom feeders.......

So I decided to post some pictures of my dining-room-turned-studio. Usually when I make something this is where the majority of the work is done. Plus, it wasn't a total mess that would humiliate me if someone came over!

This is my vintage drafting table that I took in trade years and years ago for my husband. Well, that came out wrong, didn't it? I got it for my husband. Wait. It was to belong to my husband...but then somehow, I confiscated it. I'm a cagey one alright.

Alright, might as well show you the rest even though this was before I vacuumed and there are scraps of paper on the floor . It's a great room to work in because it gets the best light in the house. Unfortunately, there are no doors on this room to hide a mess should someone make one.....

But this! Now this is my lifesaver. I bought this from a friend of mine, Sally, several years ago and it was the best $$ ever spent. I can cram sooo many supplies into this cabinet...

Messy!! and then voila:

Except for all the boxes, dog hair on the rug and paper clippings on the floor, I'm very much the perfect homemaker!
Take care!