Sunday, October 18, 2009


A Book Signing

Friday, October 23

Join us as we welcome Elaine Ambrose, author of Menopause Sucks, a lighthearted but insightful look at the “change”. Elaine is a hoot and this should prove to be a fun event!!
Each attendee will receive a “hot woman” headband and a book purchase earns you a free
"hot woman" t-shirt !!
The cider will be out and yes, some of it will be “hard” !
That night we'll also have all Halloween merchandise at 25% off!!!!

Part I--My Front Porch at Halloween

As I've told many of you, it's very important to deck out my front porch so as to frighten certain kids. Several years ago, the elementary aged twins across the street informed me that "my porch wasn't scary". I took that as a dare and have been trying to improve every year. Heck, they are getting older and aren't nearly as easy to frighten.....but I work on it and thought I'd show you the first stages!!

Need tons more leaves to gather themselves in front of the door.

(Click on any picture to enlarge)

Of course, I have to have some fun. I'd love for my husband to dress up like a ghoul, sit in a chair in the dark portion of the sidewalk and whisper very softly "psst, got chocolate?" as each innocent trick-or-treater walks up......come on--it could save on candy!!

This is how I use some of the merchandise you've seen at the store-yards of black cheesecloth and, of course, the haunted portraits. I want to add a few more of those...!

A ghoulish light is a must. I have a huge branch to add that will overhang the entrance some. I'll add some bats to that. I also have a CD with the best, spooky old horror flick music.

Check back for some additions...coming soon!! What do you like to do??


Monday, October 12, 2009


Here are some random shots from around the store. I stayed very late (early) fluffing on Sunday night (morning) and making room for all the new inventory that's coming in. I'm near brain death so these shall be caption-less!!

We've been enjoying busy days. If you haven't been in lately-make plans!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

For the Birds

I've been wanting to create something just for fun's sake and today-- I decided that I had the time! Then I thought " I'll share this on the blog". So here you go!

What you will need:

An apple, two 20" lengths of wire ( I used about 19g) and something else the birdies might enjoy. I had some ?millet? just laying around (!) so I decided to use that.

Some pliers, twine, and something else edible to string onto the wire. I was thinking cranberries but didn't have any (what kind of house do I run here???) so I used craisins!

Thread both wires through the apple so that....

they come out of the center in the bottom of the apple.

Use your pliers to curl up the end of the wires. this is decorative but will also stop the apple from sliding off. Kerplunk.

Back to the top of the apple. Twist the two wired together for a length, separate them and...

... string your cranberries, craisins, raisins -whatever -on to the wires and bend the ends of the wire into a sturdy hook.

Tie on millet-again whatever you found- and voila!!

Hang the creation in a tree so the little critters can find it. I'm curious to see what happens!
Bye for now,