Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mimosa Saturday

Officially, Spring began last Friday. We'll kick off this fabulous season with "pour your own" Mimosas this Saturday (the 28th). And although the weather since has been blustery, we're doin' spring big time at good goods.

From the outside.....

to the inside with tons of new plants & topiaries...

And touches of Easter spread out here....

and there.

Pretty pretties, of course.

Plus several lines on sale at half off to make room for incoming lines!

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Save your local economy!!!

Click on the image below to enlarge it for reading. This is what every locally owned enterprise hopes you keep firmly in mind. You make a difference.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carry on.....

Ha!! I just love this old British poster from WWII to keep a stiff upper lip. This is my new mantra.
And so far, so good as we had our best February to date! A big, HUGE thanks to all of you that support us. And a special nod to all of you that came out for our "Got Optimism" event!!!! What a wild success that was and what a good feeling to benefit the Women & Children"s Alliance, to boot! You're the best.
Now onto the current scene at good goods & co!!!! Spring & upcoming Easter!

Bunnies are starting to hop here and there-lots will be showing up in the next week and should be reproducing up until April 12th. (Those naughty wabbits.)

Shipments have been spread out through the month so there will be something new each time you come in to peruse.

Our interpretation of Spring is all about gardening and fresh colors and new life. Speaking of new life, I'll mention here to keep a look out for our new sweet baby collection coming...? Soon!

Lots of "new" old silver and linens and dishes and....etc. Took me about 2 days to price and blend these treasures into our displays. Love it!

Of course, plenty of the vintage well- loved look we covet.

That's it for now. Thanks were due for helping us do what we do. And! for referring so many of your friends to good goods! That's been something we've been hearing a lot. We're happiest when you're happy. Sappy, but true.