Monday, June 18, 2012

Love this guy!

Just in!  This seven foot cabinet base and wall unit.  Sweet!

Now, to do a little fix up on these two fellas!

Take Care,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Get's a long one.............

 Lots of news this time.  And pictures.

Now, I know it seems like July 4th isn't going to be until the middle of August, but folks, that celebration is three and a half weeks away.  We're stocked but have already been selling so don't procrastinate too long and miss out on something good.

I really concentrated on ideas to dress up the outside this year.
After all, that's where we usually find ourselves on the 4th.  

 Three cheers!

New "everyday" product has been coming in..

Of course, just love anything that has a crown!

Wreath. with paper flowers!

Cupcake stands have reappeared.  

Sweet new birdhouses.

Ninety six cubbies in seven feet of space!  
Decide quick because there is a space in my house for this!!

Rusty bedsprings to use indoors..or out!

Lovebirds!  We're especially fond of these sweeties!


And now for:

Because of some big changes at good goods (more below) our Anniversary Sale won't be held until August this year.  After I get back from Market. No complaining! Nope, stop!

Cheri's Birthday Fun!
Tuesday, July 17
Each year, on my birthday, I come up with some fun way for you to save some cash.  
I feel this is quite generous...considering it is MY birthday, after all!!
More details to come.

7th Anniversary Sale and Celebration!
Friday, August 10th--?
Saturday, August 11th-11-5

Still deciding on hours for Friday. 
 During the day?  An evening cocktail party? Hmmmm  What do you think?


We are coming into the age of technology at good goods.  The days of hand written receipts is soon to be gone.  At the end of June we are switching to a fancy, schmancy Point of Sale system.  
Just like the grown ups!!
This (I'm told) will free up so much time for me and give me access to reports that will allow me to micro manage the bejesus out of this business.  
No really, it's information I need that now takes up hours and hours every month.
Congratulations are in order!  Congrats, Cheri.  
(Do we still get our chocolate?)
Yes, yes......

Take care of yourselves, come see us and enjoy the summer!