Thursday, September 13, 2007

News from Good Goods & co

Well, I am finally making time to create a spot on the web that friends can log onto and see what is new at the shop.

And right now it is Halloween and Fall. I've always disliked the fact that retailers have seasonal items out long before the holidays (like the Christmas inventory we are seeing on shelves -in September!!! puleeez!!) So I, in my infinite wisdom, hold off until after Labor Day-despite the clamoring of customers!!-then I am panic stricken because it is taking me so long to get everything out. Phew! So I stayed VERY late (early) at the store last night and redid pretty much everything. Ninety percent of what was clogging up the storage room is now on the floor, the rest will be out by this weekend. More shipments are still coming I'm told by the vendors (what are they thinking?? They can't ship late!!)

All should be in place for "Boofest" on Wednesday evening, September 26!! Scheduling for the full moon seemed appropriate for this spooky, fun event. We'll hold back some especially "scary" pieces and concoct eerie finger (literally!) finger foods. This is our way of saying good bye to summer and the start of the autumn/holiday seasons. More on that later!!

Hope each of you can find time to pop in and see what is new. Until then, take good care!


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Judy Climer said...

Okay, folks. It is so hard for me NOT to be able to participate in the special events at Good Goods - since I live in Colorado! Cheri is the queen of seasons and I always enjoyed coming into the store she had in Colorado on a very regular basis to see what was new and especially enjoyed the special seasonal festivities. Good luck girlfriend.