Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday Fun!!!!!

Alright- my birthday is coming up so it's time for:

Cheri's Birthday Fun !!!

What do I want for my birthday? To see familiar faces coming through the shop!!!!! So, I have "hatched" a plan to encourage all of you!

In honor of "moi" and the two Mama Mallards that hatched a total of sixteen adorable babies in the past 6 weeks behind the shop (seriously!! in the bushes surrounding our back parking lot and with no help from those #@!* males, to boot!!!) we will have eggs on hand containing discount coupons.

Stop in, pick out something delightful for yourself, then crack an egg to find out the deduction you will get on your gift to you!

Hope to see bunches of you!!!!
Take Care-
Cheri (the Birthday Girl)


Anonymous said...

Having a sale to celebrate your birthday - what a FUN idea! Can't wait to hatch my egg :)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad I have another excuse to come visit the shop, as if I really needed one :) - Carrie

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you for a little summer 'pick me up'. Have a GREAT birthday - you should start celebrating early! Hazel

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having a birthday! Double thanks for combining that with a sale - my home is looking forward to something new. Patti

pamela said...

While vacationing in Idaho, I visited your store. Wow! I sure wish we had a place to shop at home that is similar to your place. I ended up sending a few boxes home because I could not get all my purchases in my suitcases! I will definitely be back whenever possible!