Thursday, November 13, 2008

A peek at Christmas 2008

The store is filling up with Christmas and starting to feel festive and cozy. As boxes were unpacked, that had been in storage since July, I saw a more traditional (with a twist!) theme emerging this year. The Thanksging decor mixed well with what was being unpacked.

I must have been looking for a familiar, comforting setting as merchandise was inspected and orders placed. There is no turquoise, lime or hot pink. I know that was in the catalogs but it held no appeal for me. What I chose were the reds and greens, natural elements, some silver, bronze and a touch of sparkle.

It's warm and welcoming. Unique without being outlandish. I like it and hope you do too.

Perhaps, with all the threat of upheaval that has swirled around us for so many months, some of us wanted comfort..and joy.

Hope to see each of you this season,

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LoRi said...

Hi Cheri! The store looks great. I always love stopping by. Nice to see you Monday!