Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thirty Six (36) Days Until Christmas.........

Before I get into the real meat of this blog I want to thank everyone that turned up for our Season Opener. What crowds we had over the three days--and fun, fun people!! It was an amazing start to the holidays. I also want to thank Samuel Ward, our piper, for playing his bagpipes on Friday night. If you missed him--darn. He. Was. Incredible.

Also a huge thanks to Lesli and Lori from Shabby House and Nancy (oh, alright and probably Victoria...!) from Once Upon A Time Antiques, for banding together for our joint Shop Hop. People really seemed to get a kick out of it and loved discovering new places to hunt treasure.

Now that the big "reveal" is over I'd love to be able to slow down a notch....or two. I'm amazed that Thanksgiving is in a week. The traffic in the store has increased. A lot. Yes, the holiday season is upon us. So here is a reminder to all of us (especially me!) to breathe in, breathe out. Relax. And since I haven't had a second to get some pictures of the shop--let's look at something calming from some of my favorite Scandinavian blogs. Very sedate. Under done.

The simplest of trees! And real candles!

A simple, sweet, natural take on plain white tapers.

Decorated. Simply.

Candlelight is beautiful, isn't it?

I love these stark little wreaths/rings.

This one looks like rosemary. And an antique candle clip.

And look!! We have very similar little lanterns in the store!!
As promised, we've had time now to bring out even more at the shop. Boxes have come in and we're working on getting everything out and in it's proper place. And more good news: we're not playing Christmas music yet!!!
Take good care,


emily said...

These are beautiful, love the simplicity of white candles. Your store looks amazing, love how you have used the real tree!

Jenn said...

I'm so thankful that the girls at The Shabby House set this up or I don't know that I would've stumbled across your darling little shop!

The Shop Hop was so much fun. When are you all doing the drawing? *smiles sweetly* :)

good goods & co said...

Hi Jenn,
We had planned to draw the winners that next Wednesday but one of the gals from the Shabby House came down sick (she wore herself out getting ready for the party, I'm sure, and then got sick!)As soon as she is back up & around we'll draw some names. Oh the suspense!