Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A successful day........

Well, I asked for you all to show up so you could be thanked for your support & patronage and now I'm thanking you again!! We had a fantastic, steady day last Saturday despite all that was going on around town. (lots of you showed up in Race for the Cure T shirts. Awesome.)

Congrats to Tom who won our gift certificate with his guess on the total amount of corks in the jar. (FYI: there were 106-Tom guessed 105!!) I think Pam, Tom's wife, is "very happy for him"....... Our baskets were both won by great gals, Tina and Barb--both were gleeful as all get out proclaiming they'd never won anything before. That's always fun. In fact if anyone ever tells me they are so tired of winning all this stuff I'm snatching back their prize. No, wait. I'll have them buy me a lottery ticket........

Take care!

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