Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm sure a lot of us have started putting out Halloween decorations. (I know plenty of you have been by to add to your collections.) So, we're getting all our favorite things arranged and feeling pretty smug about how good it all looks -even better than last year! Alrighty, then.

Lest we all get big heads, let's take a look at some work by folks that treat this holiday like it's their job or something. I'd bet money, most of these people have at least one relative that was burned at the stake back in the 1600s.............


Bazillions of carved pumpkins

A lil punkin house

Wouldn't this be a fun place to sip one right at dusk?

Love this! Fog machine over a pond??

Yep. I'm doing this one!!!


Helps if your walls are orange...

Actually, quite do-able.

Even a flat screen can add to the haunting!

And then, a few fun costumes!

...bizarre, yet, it's just bizarre!!
Make it fun!!

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Mr. Flannery said...

The second guy is a real whiner.

And the fog on the pond is very cool.