Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have a Pheasant Season!

Greta came in the shop one day and we were having our nice little conversation when all of a sudden she spots the vintage pheasant taxidermy on top of one of our cupboards. After cursing me soundly, she explains that now she will have to redo her entire Christmas tree and feature this fellow (instead of her owl). She pays and trots off, pheasant tucked under arm.
Several weeks later, she emails these pictures and I just had to share.

Holy Moses, can you believe this??

Time and time again, I'm told that I "just have so much talent" in the decorating realm. Well I'm here to say that I have nothing on my customers !!
My own scrawny, little Charlie Brown tree is currently only dressed in lights.
( I'm just positive I'll get around to adding those bells & whistles here in the next two days! Uh-huh)
Thanks for sending the pictures, Greta! I love seeing what magic people weave with purchases from good goods.
Oh and......3 shopping days 'til Christmas...

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