Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Teaser of Things to Come!

Our biggest and bestest event of the year is coming up this weekend.
We'll be closed Thursday, November 10 to get all ready.  The party will start Friday evening at 5:00pm and end Saturday at 5pm!!
Preparing for an open house  can be likened to organizing a closet (a big one), rearranging all your furnishings and hoping seven gifts you need by this weekend arrive from UPS.

Everything has been torn apart here. Cupboards, that held inventory, had to be emptied to be light enough to move to a new location. 

New deliveries waiting in the back room to be unpacked, had to wait even longer.  The furniture had to be in it's permanent place so there would be a place to hide everything until the proper moment!! And that had to happen to create room for delivery of two more pallets of product from Express Trucking.  Weeee!  Logistics!

Needless to say, there were piles everywhere...

But the hand truck and furniture "sliders" have been put away and the piles are getting smaller.  Boxes are making it into recycling and goodies are being tucked away in secret places.

A little of this...

..and that.

Some glitter and..


..and cheer...

..and magic.

Ah, there's the light at the end of the tunnel!  Can you see it??!

Hope you come help us kick off the 2011 holiday season!


Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to all the new holiday decorations!

Anonymous said...

Such excitement!! Can hardly wait!

Pam and Greg said...

Love all the pics! Your store is the greatest!