Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Customer Appreciation Party!!

(Warning....blogger wasn't cooperating w/ me on my spacing........)
This One's for You!

Customer Appreciation Party !

Saturday, April 16

11am to 5pm

Yes, this on is for you. The reason good goods is still open today. You've shared your support, your stories, your smiles (and even some tears) with us. You inspire us to work harder and be better.

So, please let us show our appreciation with a party that is all about you.

We aren't messing around either. Brand new merchandise has been ordered in especially for this day. We'll have snazzy canapes, adult beverages (if you choose), door prizes and everyone making a purchase that day will receive a

$5 token for future use!

We will also be rolling our our new "loyalty" program.

(We promise it's not a lame one..!)

It would mean the world to us if you came by to enjoy some fun

and a pat on the back.

You are the absolute best.


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