Sunday, October 9, 2011

Signs of Fall, etc

Bittersweet wreaths, from our vendor in Pennsylvania, will be showing up this week at good goods.  I've been buying from Ellen for about ten years and am never disappointed by the quality of her work.  Nothing is better when decorating for Fall than natural elements and orange bittersweet announces the season's change beautifully.  Inside or out, it's a perfect choice even without added decoration. 

Then for Christmas, we'll be expecting the wild rosehips.  I love these guys.  They are great on a door instead of the expected evergreen but I especially adore then inside.  Several sizes of these coming in so keep an eye out!!


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Cindy Lou said...

I LOVE these! These are beautiful Cheri! I want one of each. Hanging a beautifully crafted wreath is such a quick, easy decorating fix, and it packs a big punch! I want to hang one in and out! I'll be by soon!