Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm in tatters....shadoobie

I'm not sure I've ever been as shattered as Mick Jagger but I felt like I might have been close this past several weeks!  It's all this guys fault:

My brother in law, Greg, arrived from Indiana to bring the 21st century to good goods.
  We are officially computerized.  
See how hard he is working?? (actually, he's not.  He's playing around with a vintage Japanese toy I found that measures how "hot" you are.  Greg is easily distracted by precision equipment....)

Greg arrived via truck hauling a trailer stuffed with antiques and good old rusty junk packed by Pam, my sister. Pam is an over achiever in her own right and now the store was looking like this:

 And this:

Ok, so hours and hours of deligent work on my part...have brought the store back to a semblance of normal. (and we all know that "normal is is the eye of the beholder".  Let's not get carried away here!)  
You can now walk through the shop mostly unobstructed.
Stop in and try it for yourself!
(and I'll tell you a great story about Melissa and the "hot" meter!)

Stay cool,


Amber said...

If Idaho wasn't such a looooong drive, I'd be there this weekend! Loving the pickins'!

good goods & co said...

Thanks, Amber!!!