Friday, August 31, 2012

Just another day in the life of good goods...

Last weekend, my bro-in-law drove cross country from Indiana with another trailer and truck load of antiques for us.  My sister, Pam,  has been working overtime to bring us some fantastic stuff!!!

This was the situation in the store last Sunday afternoon:

And these pictures don't begin to show the half of it!  Or the storage units....
We've been steadily chipping away at it  (plus lots has been selling, thank you all very much!!)
and we have some "after" photos now.

...and we're adding in the Fall and Halloween....

...because it's right around the corner........

Ever wonder where all those typesetter trays used to live?

One of my favorite pieces in the store right now. 
 Thank you, Pamela!

Our old things look perfect with spooky stuff!

...oh and some new jewelry. 

 ...and then UPS and Fed Ex showed up.....

The back room at 6pm tonight.  I think I'm going to go drink cry now.


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