Sunday, December 8, 2013

Good goods in December

The cold has finally hit along with some snow.
I stopped in the shop today to do some fluffing and snapped a few pictures to share with you.
 A big old blade turned candle stick for the holiday!
 Unique new candles.


 I love this Belgium made soap.  It makes my bathroom smell wonderful and  you get a "mini-facial" each time you wash your face.

 Recycled wine bottles are now big old soy candles!
 Love it.  This sled is "new" old stock that has been reworked just enough to make it fully functional.  We used to pull my daughter around the neighborhood park at night when she was little in a similar one.
(was that a run on sentence?
Our girls showing off in some new earrings.

Our annual Shop Hop is coming up this Friday and Saturday,
December 13 & 14.  Stop in good goods for information on the six other participating shops and up to seven chances to win a $150 shopping spree!!!

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