Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ta Da!!

These past two years really have just zoomed by so......I guess you could say I have been having too much fun!!

And we're getting ready for more fun this Saturday, the 21st, with our Second Anniversary Brouhaha and Sale!!! The champagne and OJ for mimosas are already at my house (first things first, after all), the shopping list is done (and long!) for edibles that will be put together tonight and Friday. My good friend is sending more of her fun jewelry- overnight mail- since we sold through so much of it already. Bless you, Judith!! The store has been cleaned and "fluffed" and is ready for company!!!!

I have a table full of antique "smalls" that need pricing and placing around the shop, some signs to finish up, merchandise to be tagged at sale prices, problem!! Everything will be ready! So hopefully we'll have a great turn out!

I've even been making several things that have been on my "want to do list". A few things that have been in my own head and a few things inspired by others. Whether it is art or cooking or gardening or building or sewing--I think we are ALL creative, even you folks that say you aren't. I just don't believe it. We each have special talents.

If you are reading this, I do hope you will stop in on Saturday for some companionship, refreshments and the best selection. But remember, the sale will last until the 27th!!!
Until then,

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Anonymous said...

Your parties are always so special, so much fun. Can't wait to see the new things and check out the sale! You are such an inspiration - thanks for all that you do to help 'the rest of us' poor souls who are trying to get our homes to look as wonderful as your shop! Sally