Thursday, June 12, 2008

Second Anniversary!!

An anniversary, as much as the idea of having "made it this far", is about thanking the people that have supported good goods the past two years. I have the very best customers!!!

We'll start the party on Saturday, June 21 with "pour your own" mimosas, lemon bars, and, as always at one of my parties --something chocolate!!! Everything, everything, everything in the store will be on sale with discounts from 10% to 60%. You won't want to miss this!!! The sale will then last until Friday, June 27.

In preparation for this stupendous event, we've been restocking, fluffing and unpacking new merchandise. I've been holding back some "new" old items to bring out, too. I've added some pictures to give you an idea of what is changing in the store but since we have been selling some large pieces (hurray!) and having to redo-again and again!--I can't promise it will still look like this in two weeks!!

Old auction paddles. How many auctions have I been to and I never got to use one of these cool oldies. I snatched them up when I saw them!

I'd posted these cubbies when they were still filthy. After hours of cleaning (with steel wool!) and oiling, they went out on the floor and sold in less than 24 hours!! Sold

A new cupboard to replace the cubbies-Adorable and fantastic storage. Sold

Another new cupboard top and table. (It's now stocked with starfish and potpourri.

My favorite thing in the store at this point. This solid brass chandelier was inspired by the austere design of turn of the century lighting. Comes with six Edison style light bulbs and is made from reclycled materials.

Herbs to be planted in pots made from reclaimed concrete bags. How green! Comes complete w/ seeds.

Jewelry made by my long time best friend, Judy, using vintage buttons, optometrists lenses, buckles and baubles. More on the way!!

We so look forward to seeing each and every one of you on the 21st. You are each so unique and dear that I truly mean it when I say: It won't be a party without you!!

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