Thursday, July 16, 2009

ONE of my Dream Homes!

If you've ever checked out some of my favorite blogs on my sidebar (on the left) you won't be surprised to find that one of my dream homes (there are others!) would be a small, old home done all in shades of white. And stark as can be. There is something so hushed and soft about these homes that just appeals to my quest for serenity. I've borrowed some pictures from Swedish blogger, Anneli, to show you what I'm talking about!

Pages of botanicals, hung with a clothespin, tack & twine. So simple.

and shiny white wood floors...

Tarnished silver & ragged linen..this is so humble
and at the same time elegant.

I'm looking for this lamp and metal chair!

Her little boy's room-I bet it's not always so tidy!
You can see all of Anneli's pictures here and even read it if you speak Swedish!
( hint: I sometimes use Goggle Translator!!)
What do you think? Love it, hate it, ho hum? What do you dream of?
Have fun!


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Michelle ~ ~ said...

cheri girl, I'd bein the store however; (I hate that word!) I've moved. I did blog about you!! and I tell everyone that visits BOI to pop in!! I'm missing your store too. I'm the one that came from St. Louis.