Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm only dreamin'.......

I tend to daydream quite a bit...and redecorate: my home, my yard, my store, your house, your front yard...! How many times have I imagined what my neighbors house would look like if they pulled those two overgrown pines out. Ha!! You'd see the house instead of the garage. I have no idea what the house is like!! Isn't that funny?! Obviously, I think about different things than some other people!
Like this porch--Love it. How sweet is that?! But then, what do I notice? The porch light looks too low. You saw that right away, too, didn't you? I could relax here for many hours though..after the light was raised............

And this bathroom. This is what my guest bath is going to look like. I already have some of the tile. But I'm passing on the black moldings and the mirror will be vertical. ( is it any wonder that my taxes aren't done yet?? Seriously!!)

How about this kitchen??? Ouch. Love every inch of it!

My dream stores. Look closely, you may recognize some of this stuff!! Look even closer and you'll see some of this in the store before too long!

Enough dreaming for now. It's time to go have some real dreams!
Take Care-

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Ember said...

What I wouldn't give to have you take me under your wing and teach me everything you know about decorating. I am in heaven when I walk into your store and this blog is wonderful too (looks just like your store). I am all over the place when it comes to decorating!