Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy April 1st

So, any good jokes you've played on anyone today?? Did anyone get you??! Okay, no more joking around.



Lots and lots of new merchandise has come in.

Candles-just right for spring.

Scrubby soap especially for after gardening.

(Yes, the ferns are real..remember? We're not kidding around anymore.)

Few pieces of old transferware.

Flowers are sort of all over the place!

A new book by our favorite publisher.

If someone doesn't buy this great old biggen soon-it's coming to my house.
These aren't easy to find!!!

A great saying on note cards.

Luxury candles that smell yummy even without lighting them.

The angel vine plants are here!!!!

And look here!! Another mama in our back bushes this year. Isn't she gorgeous?
Take care,

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laura said...

Thr transferware is gorgeous. What a find!