Monday, April 12, 2010

New Goods

We're always excited to get something new in the shop.
It's like a present to us.
A nice surprise.

Perfume in delightful, soft fragrances from Tokyomilk out of my old stomping grounds in Denver. The company could not have come up with cuter packaging or names. Dead Sexy,
Let Them Eat Cake, Petit.
Pre de Provence finally made our favorite soap fragranced in ..gulp. Gardenia. Yes! Mmmm.

Not new, but an old favorite is back in stock. Our Photoweights kits are now in the store. One of the best gifts. Ahh, Mother's Day?
We're expecting our strong, handsome delivery guys to be bring in lots more boxes over the next several weeks because, well, I just couldn't stop ordering all this cool stuff!!!
Take care!

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