Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HA!! Summer is finally here!!!

For someone that dreads the intense heat we get here at times, I am finally glad to feel some WARMTH when I step outside!! However, it's still "cool inside" at the shop and it's looking pretty cool, too.

Been fluffing and getting ready for our Fourth Anniversary Celebration coming up here this weekend~June 25 & 26. This year we're closing on Friday to get things set up for an adult party with some delicious food such as:


And some of these:

See Kasey's blog

and this.....

And more but, a girl needs a few surprises, doesn't she??? And how about some sights around good goods:

Making it through these tough times hasn't been easy. Any success we have we owe to our customers that support us, tell their friends about us, share their stories and smiles. Most times you buy but sometimes you say you just need "therapy" or an "escape" and that is a wonderful thing to hear. What a compliment!
Hope to see lots of you this weekend!! Oh yea, everything is on sale for at least 20% off....(small detail!!)
Take Care,

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