Wednesday, January 19, 2011

At least the sun has been out.........

If this dreary weather has been getting to you like it has me-remember the truth in the above quote. What is that about shopping?!? A customer came in the shop just the other day and let out the biggest sigh as soon as she got in the door. I took it as a giant compliment-she had finally made it to somewhere she could relax--it was the cutest dang thing!
So, do you feel like looking around a little?

Have you been seeing these "bus destination rolls" in all the magazines lately? Love. Them. I first started seeing them over a year ago and I finally figured it out/had the time and made one--just for Boise! $99.

Not your run of the mill jewelry ...

The bamboo rugs in 2 X 3....finally.

Yep--starting on the love theme here.

Due in next week!! These are soooo much fun.

OH! And mark your calenders for Saturday, February 5th.
(note our timing on this one...close, but not too close, to Valentine's!)
More info to follow....
Take care!

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