Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love weddings!!

Post Valentines and I think of marriage. I love me a beautiful wedding!! Years ago, it was simple enough. Dress, tux, some flowers, jordan mints and a cake. I think it's so fabulous that women get to be a little more creative these days. However, because of the amount of choices and freedom we now's perhaps more stressful!! Weddings have become so over the top and expensive they appear at times to be a big show instead of the witnessing of two people pledging to spend their entire lives together. This is a big, frikking deal!!!

One of the most beautiful ceremonies I've seen (at an online wedding site) was at the Oregon coast. The couple walked up a sandy path together--but not touching, not holding hands. They met the officiant and a few witnesses at a spot overlooking the ocean. That was where they took their vows. It really struck me as sweet and precious and meaningful.

So, in honor of all those brides to be or those involved with the bride to be, I'm posting some things I find delightful and unique!

This item started my quest for new, not quite traditional wedding details. I love this porcelain ring dish. Banish satin pillows from the 70's! (found on Etsy)

Hmmm....table decor?

My love of the natural is showing. A nest boutenierre.

I'm not a princess ballgown kind of person. I'd want to get close, close to my groom!

Flowing, free and a little wild..

Something blue?

Shoes are where you can really have fun!

Something old...

Feathers vs flowers

..or a beaded..? Spiral bouquet?!

Old buttons...

..and vintage enamel pins from grandma's, mom's and auntie's jewelry boxes!

An alternative to rice

A magical reception

Or maybe I just love the lighting!!

A cake is a must...maybe simple or with....

..a to die for topper!

Or something more whimsical....

the birds & the bees!

No topper needed!

..all out joy!

Thanks for indulging me! Hope you enjoyed my little show!


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Miss Gracie's House said...

It is a-maz-ing how weddings have changed...not cookie cutter anymore...We had so much fun with dd's. THANKS for the sweet words about my grandbabies and stopping by for a visit:)
I'm due for a visit to your it there!