Thursday, March 3, 2011

Early Spring..............

With lots of new merchandise showing up at good goods everyday, I figured it was time to post some recent pictures...of course, this doesn't include what arrived this morning!

Cutest little velveteen chick!

Easter decor....

...and more!!!

Paper cut cards-local artist!

Who left their head gear??

Great, old, homemade sideboard.

Our repurposed funnel pendant light!
Hope to see you soon!


emily said...

Lori and I were in on Monday, missed seeing you. My wiener dog bought me the blue and brown flower bracelet you have pictured! She also bought a few cloches and a giant ledger book (which I am painting in). She's a great dog, knows just what I want! lol

good goods & co said...

Emily-you do have a talented, intelligent dog. Happy birthday!!