Tuesday, July 19, 2011

America-Paint Your Doors!!!

I love painted front doors.  I especially love them when they aren't painted the same color as the house or the trim.  When I painted my front door red several years ago..it "made" the curb appeal. That pop of color is like a little surprise and to me says "Here's the way in!  Welcome!!"

So unless you have paid way too much for a gorgeous wood door like this one:

Or this one:

Consider being "adventuresome". 
(It might make you giddy)

I mean...look at this door:

Yeah, yeah. Nice and safe. And yawn.  Boring.  Now one option is to spend $500 (and up) to replace it. But for less than $20 you can do even better in my humble opinion.

For the truly bold---yes!!!  Lime green!

I would do it.  Especially if the house provided a darker background.  From what I found on my friendly Google search a green door symbolizes nature, growth, safety and it attracts wealth if you adhere to Feng Shui practices...worth a try, huh?  Ok maybe lime is too much.  How about...

                                                                True blue?

                                                         Or a darker green??

 Ouch.  I love this bright yellow.  People seem so afraid of yellow.  Is it too bright and sunny and happy for us??  This one is especially wonderful with the red plantings..

Then black, maybe.  Shiny black.  Very classy!

The ubiquitous red?  This is the color in Feng Sui that says "welcome".  In early America it represented a place to rest and stay the night. In biblical times, Hebrew slaves used a red door (now, they used lambs blood but I don't think we need to go that far....) to encourage the "Angel of Vengeance" to pass by. Red doors on churches represented the blood sacrifice and that the area beyond was sacred.  
 In Scotland doors were painted red to signify that the mortgage was paid off! 
(those crazy Scots!)

                                                Another pretty blue

                                    Grey.  The "In-ist" color going right now.

Have I convinced you yet??  Opps-are you off to the paint store?
What color is your door???


Cindy Lou said...

Fabulous post Cheri!!! Enjoyed the heck out of it. We should so totally post pics of our doors now!! Right here on your blog. Too bad I don't know how to do that. You know, my pix, on your blog. Oh well, never mind. My door is mustard yellow right now and I love, love, LOVE it!!! You are so right about the cost effectiveness of paint! This door was here when we moved here. It is actually dented, like one time or another someone kicked it in. (Hooligans, who does that? We would never!) Anyway, now that that dent is mustard yellow, I'm sure everyone on this street is gonna run home and kick their door in!

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Love it! The door on our old house was a welcoming red. We're currently renting and our front door is boring white- yawn. Great inspiration! I need to send this to my landlord ;)