Saturday, July 30, 2011

LOTS of pictures!

We've been getting sooooooo much fantastic stuff in so I decided to post lots & lots of photographs to lure you in during these hot and muggy days of summer.

And of course... some will be gone and more will be in by the time you see this post!
(you can always click on any picture to supersize)


I'm loving gray here recently. 
(finally, an "industry approved color" I adore!)
Just finished up this fantastic sideboard and will bring it in as soon as I can.


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Traci said...

Loving your website! I am all about fall and combing the internet for any fall pics I can! I live in So. California and we do not get much in the way of fall or trees! I do have some fall decorating ideas if you are interested and would be kind enough to post my pics.