Friday, August 19, 2011

Just around the corner.............

It's doesn't seem right talking about Autumn when we are in the high 90's but I spied my pitiful little patch of mums already starting to bloom and realized ..... it will soon be upon us!

"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn".
                         -E. Lawrence

  I so hope it will be a long, long, mild Indian summer kind of fall that allows us to be outside to soak up the kaleidoscope of colors nature shows us. 

This isn't the greenbelt, sure looks like it!

There are so many wonderful things about the upcoming season...

Scarves!  and an orange one at that!

Ah, if I was a few years younger...such great clothes!

Now, these are me!

Let's get down to decorating.  Fall decorating is the easiest.  It's all about nature.

Just about everything you need is in your yard.

Touches everywhere...even the window boxes.

Mantles are a "must do something with".  Gourds, straw, a little color...

It doesn't take much to make a great statement.

Love this pennant. (Hmmm, I better whip some of these up to sell!)

We'll be stocking botanicals and gourds at good goods.

Fall wreaths...

..and luscious velvet pumpkins with real stems!

This is classic.

Bittersweet-always perfect.

How darling is this?

It's all in the details!

If at all possible..avoid these guys.  They kind of give me the willies.....

That's it for now-enjoy the summer we have left!

PS---Voting for Best of Boise ends August 28!!!


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Kimberly said...

Fall is my most favorite time of the year. It's beautiful hues light up your home and seem to just welcome family and comforting! LOVE your photos of the upcoming season..and I love your blog & your store..fabulous!