Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Restoration Hardware...............

Ok.  So Judy, my very good friend from Denver, asks me if I'd gotten the new Restoration Hardware catalog.  (Obviously, Judy is in a different tax bracket than I am....)  Whenever she tells me something has made her hyper-ventilate, I just have to check it out. 

 So check this out:
(click on any picture to enlarge it)

Lord have mercy.  I must have stared at this image for a full hour, devouring every detail.  And asking questions like...can I really put four identical lamps in a room?  Who came up with that chandy?  What is this?? Glamour?  Dreary-ness?  Is this appropriate for my house or do I have to move to some old castle to possess this room?

Calm it down a few notches.  This could be in a real home.  Like someone I'm friends  with.  Alright, maybe someone I passed in my car that time.  Not quite so mind blowing.  (unless you stood up too fast and drove the point of that chandelier into the top of your head...)  This I could live in more easily.  (I mean, if I had to..)  Again, symmetrical all over the place.  Loving all the framed "whatever they are".

"Caged" chandeliers. And my beloved neutrals.  Again, that wall crammed full of framed
sepia toned art.

Yes, yes, yes!!  MY lamp.  Give me industrial and I promise to behave.

Look at what happens when you put one on each side of your chesterfield.  Dang, friends!!  We've got this British gentleman thing going on here.

This bed.  Yipes.  This is the first time a bed has brought tears to my eyes.  Trunk inspired everything...

Would you take a close look at this desk/ shelving unit.  It's a huge steamer trunk.  Ok, there has got to be some way I can convince the DuPonts or Rockefellers that I am somehow related... it's only $4500...

...and when you've made a mess paying fold it up and hide everything.  Or attach a rope to the handle so you can pull your office around with you.  Genius!  Worth every penny.

This sideboard...oh my.  It's metal.  This industrial revolution we're seeing all over the place has just reached another level. I. Love. This.

Notice the huge canvas map hanging on the back wall?  Gaaaa!  I am biting my knuckle right now.  It's over 100" wide.  I have a big wall that has needed this so badly for years.

Will this never stop???  This is in the "Garden" section in case you needed to order a couple.  It's the smaller model priced at $1500.  sigh

So what did I get??  A pillow.....the St. Honore.
It was on sale....!
Rant over.


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Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I had the exact same reaction to this catalog! I mean, WOW! So many cool things I stopped counting. Glad you got a bargain! :)