Friday, March 16, 2012

The Bunny Trail Starts Here..............

I have been infected with the hideous crud that is going around. I spent about $40 million dollars on over the counter remedies and I'm still not sure I'll survive.  Don't catch this.

Krystal gallantly agreed to fill in for me so, I am at home coughing and sneezing and pouting and posting.  To take my mind off the fact that I feel like total  poopoo (and so you don't have to hear all about it) let's think about sweet little bunnies and such.  Healthy little folk that aren't trying to cough up a lung..or even a pancreas.

One of the most precious things in the world.

Do you tweet?? 
 Aren't we just so modern?  I don't understand all the tweeting thing.  
This is what tweet is really about and I'll never accept Twittering about.

Now I know you are thinking you must rush in and buy this darlin'.  But I'm here to tell you that all of them have already sold.  Yep. Gone. Oh yea??!  Well, you don't feel as bad as I do.  So there.

Oh yea, and healthy (here we go again) angel vines. Lots of 'em.  Plenty of these little boogers (whoops, no  pun intended) unless you wait sixteen weeks to come in for one..... 

Of course, I found a crown on something and had to get it.  These  felted wool chicks crack me up.
Can you see the eggs they lay behind them???  Nature is amazing isn't it?

And a basket to put all your eggs in.

I outfitted Martha in new clothes recently.  It was like an omen because now I feel like a bag lady.
Only worse.  I'm going to take a nap..and whimper.
Flowers, cards & gifts should be dropped by the store..............


Cindy Lou said...

I hope you feel better Cheri!!!!

Amber said...

I had to chuckle because I have just been blessed with the 'ol mighty head cold! Ugh! Well, at least looking and reading blogs makes me feel better. Hope you are too.
xo, Amber

good goods & co said...

Thanks, Cindy! Still feeling pretty slapped about but DELSYM cough syrup (Amber, take note)is the best. If you have this cold-get some of this. You stop coughing. Boom. (this is not a paid endorsement, darn it)