Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yard Art.

It's that time of year when we get out to play in the dirt any chance the weather permits.  The lawn and plants and flowers and fertilizer and...yard art!!

It comes in all forms and is as American as it gets.  Sometimes the very best is the tacky, homemade paint faded concoctions that first made neighborhood covenants necessary!
Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Some of these adornments are simple, everyday items just put to another use.

I've seen these for years but I still think they are darling.  

 One of the newer (to me) crazes is to find bowling balls and toss them amongst the hostas or embellish them before tossing.

 Or do as this homeowner.  Gotta love the gusto put into this!

 Bottle trees.  Another quirky, colorful addition to the yard that may raise some eyebrows. All the more reason to have one.  We have these at the shop.  I was told these were used to trap bad spirits.  They get up in the bottles and can't find their way out.

 Now see???  What whimsy!

 How about this one????  I don't think anyone would even notice there is no grass here.

 Quintessential yard art--the whirligig.  I adore these and the more vintage, the better.

Anything that will catch the wind and make them twirl is a go.

A whirligig  over-achiever!

Perhaps you prefer the artistic route.  This one would still slow traffic.

This one would stop traffic.  A great solution if you don't want to pay to have that dead tree removed........

Old metal, folk art... 

 ..and, of course, the rusted car.  Now accepted in upscale neighborhoods everywhere. Maybe.


 It never ceases to amaze me.

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Denise said...

Love the yard art! My new yard art project is a sawed-in-half banister with a remnant of railing attached. It's going to get a new color, faux vine, and something hanging from the railing remnant to be artfully attached to a fence post. Oh, what fun to re-purpose!